Help with Leaks in Cape Town – Use the Professionals

If you suspect you have a leak in you plumbing system, air conditioning, pool or other areas you may also find it hard to detect. Plumbing networks are largely hidden away, and some leaks – the most problematic ones – are difficult to find. At Leak Detection Cape Town we use the latest and most sophisticated techniques – especially our acoustic leak detection system – and we can help you find and fix even the most troublesome ones. To minimise damage from leaking water and save money lost through leaks you need to act quickly, and we will be there as soon as we can.

Whether your leak is in the bathroom, kitchen or outdoors – or in an office or industrial complex – we will find it with our specialist equipment, and we have the expertise to fix leaks permanently. Once our operatives have done their professional job you will have a system that is back to normal operation right away, and at a price that you will be pleasantly surprised with. We have helped many satisfied clients fix leaks in their premises across Cape Town and in the surrounding area, and we are waiting to help you too.

We offer a quick and easy online quote request option: simply fill in the form with your details and we will get back to you very soon with a free, no obligation quote – that’s right, your quote costs nothing at all and you are not under obligation to use our services! However, given our excellent rates and reputation for quality service we are sure you will find our rates favourable. Wherever your leak is we can help, so why not get in touch now for a quote, and let us fix that troublesome leak right away? We’re here to help!